6 Steps for Caring For Metal Roofs

Roofs made from metals last longer and require less maintenance than most other materials. With proper care and due diligence, it is possible for metal roofs to keep water out for more than a half-century. As the owner of a metal roof, however, you’ll still have to do some work from time to time. While inspecting your roof, keep a sharp eye out for any holes or gaps you might find. After you promptly have these fixed or mended, complete the following six steps:
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1. Remove debris such as wind-blown leaves and branches from your roof as often as possible. Metal roofs are designed to shed water, then dry out. Built-up debris can stop water from draining to the gutters, possibly leading to corrosion and the failure of roofing materials.

2. Clean out the gutters at least twice a year. Metal roofs excel at shedding leaves, seeds, and pods. If your house sits near a lot of trees, consider inspecting the gutters for clogs and buildup a couple of times each spring and fall.

3. Use a brush with soft bristles or another low-impact method to remove unwanted items such as branches, leaves, or trash from the rooftop and gutters. Avoid hoses and (especially) pressure washers, as these can force water under roofing materials, leading to rot, leaks, and other damage.

metal.png4. Inspect caulking and other forms of sealant at the seams and edges of your metal roof. Sealants keep moisture and other unwanted substances from reaching under the roofing materials and into your home. Re-apply sealant to anywhere it’s rotted-out or missing.

5. Tighten or replace any loose screws, especially around ventilation stacks. To avoid streaks and leaks, make sure to use fasteners that won’t corrode or rust.


6. Keep foot traffic to a minimum. An unqualified person walking around on a metal roof can step in the wrong place and damage or dent its relatively thin surface. Professional roofers are trained to step only on rafters and trusses, thus avoiding placing too much weight on an unsupported section of roof.

In addition to these six tips, keep trees and other plants from touching or scraping the metal roof. A tree-branch moving in the wind might rub off protective coatings or puncture the metal of your roof. Removing or cutting back tree limbs can be tricky and dangerous work, so consider hiring a professional tree service to perform this task.


Please use extreme caution whenever mounting a ladder to clean or inspect your roof. If you’re not comfortable caring for your metal roof yourself, or if your insurance policy forbids it, schedule biyearly roof maintenance from the experts at Professional Roofing Contractors. We also offer waterproof coatings services designed to extend your metal roof’s lifetime. With our help, you’ll rest easy knowing that your metal roof will resist the elements for as long as it possibly can.