Benefits Of Solar Roofing For The Commercial Property Owner

Office Solar Roof  Shelbyville, TN.jpgBusiness owners across America are tapping into a long-ignored resource - the sunlight hitting the rooftops of their commercial buildings! Every day, enough energy reaches Earth from the sun to meet our electricity needs many times over. Sunlight is an unlimited, non-polluting source of renewable energy, and a wide range of materials and methods are available to capture it.

By capitalizing on recent breakthroughs in solar-harnessing products, businesses large and small - in a variety of climates - are now using the power of the sun to keep their lights on and their cash registers humming. If you’re thinking about solar roofing but can’t decide if it’s right for you, read on:

Depending on the square-footage of installed solar roofing panels, business owners can reduce their utility bills dramatically - sometimes by as much as sixty percent! Solar roofing installation costs have fallen dramatically in the last decade. The look of solar has changed, too, with the release of built-in solar panels that mimic the appearance of traditional shingles. Bolt-on solar panels that sit on top of an existing roof remain popular, as well, and tend to be cheaper than built-in ones. Reduced costs mean that many systems start paying for themselves after only a handful of years. With enough nearly-invisible solar panels, your local electrical utility might even start paying you for all the power your system puts back into the grid!

Now is the time to think about installing a solar power roof. With the goal of reducing electricity usage in mind, many states provide tax credits tailored to offset the cost of installing commercial solar roofing. In addition, the U.S. federal government offers tax incentives that help reduce these cost, even more.


Young male engineer with solar panels in background.jpegBeyond the potential financial benefits mentioned above, the choice to have commercial solar roofing installed comes with two additional intangible benefits. First, there's the sense of justifiable satisfaction, also known as bragging rights. Few things are as satisfying as being able to say that you and your business are using the newest technology. Second, there's the knowledge that you're playing an active role in environmental protection by reducing your company's carbon footprint. By joining the passive solar energy revolution, you'll be doing your part to maintain a healthy planet for many generations to come. 


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