Solar Roofing System

This past year, our team at Professional Roofing Contractors, Inc. installed a Solar System on our warehouse roof on Holland St. behind our office at 111 Deery St.  It is the first solar system that has been connected to the TVA Grid within the Shelbyville Power Company’s System.   

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Our Commitment to Excellence

In the past year, have you ever experienced a less than stellar customer experience? Perhaps the company rep was rude or the total dollar amount on your bill was much higher than you expected. Or maybe the company completely stopped responding to your phone calls and emails all together. Whatever...

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Happy National Roofing Week (June 4 - 10, 2017)!

To boost awareness of the importance of roofs to every building and highlight the value of professional roofers, Professional Roofing Contractors will celebrate National Roofing Week, from June 4 to June 10, 2017. Read More

Green Roofing


By now you’ve probably heard the buzz about green roofs. A green roof, or a living roof, is a roof that is partially or completely covered with vegetation. Besides being a beautiful addition to an office or residential space, they also provide plenty of energy and cost saving benefits. Read on...

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