Solar Roofing System


This past year, our team at Professional Roofing Contractors, Inc. installed a Solar System on our warehouse roof on Holland St. behind our office at 111 Deery St.  It is the first solar system that has been connected to the TVA Grid within the Shelbyville Power Company’s System.   

When discussing the solar roofing system, Larry Price, President of Professional Roofing Contractors, Inc., said “we have been looking at getting into solar for several years and finally took the opportunity this past year to participate in the benefits of a solar installation.”   

We had previously re-roofed the warehouse with a white single-ply TPO membrane and now was the right time to install a new solar system since the roofing and solar system have about the same life span.  Roofs are warrantied for 20 years, while the solar system is warrantied for 25 years and the life expectancy of the roof is about 25 years.  

The solar installation is a 50 KW system, which will generate about 68% of our office and warehouse annual power usage.  Not only are we using clean energy, but we are able to take advantage of a 30% tax credit on Federal Income Taxes, plus an accelerated depreciation write-off.  With all this in place, the payback is between 6 -7 years on the solar system.  This in itself was enough to convince us to make the investment, but the extra incentive was that the solar production would pay for our new roof within 20 years as well.  

We are now selling Solar Roof Installations to our roofing customers.  We have two Solar Roof Systems under construction now in Lewisburg as we re-roof two of their existing buildings.  When we showed the numbers to our customer, he said “this proposal is a slam dunk; I can’t get this kind of return on any of my other investments.”

If you are interested in investing in a solar roof, our team at Professional Roofing Contractors is happy to discuss your options!