Commercial Re-Roofing

commericial re-roof pg.jpgIf your commercial roof has an extensive amount of damage that would be extremely expensive to repair, we often recommend re-roofing instead. By installing a new roof, we can help you boost the aesthetics of your building, as well as increase the selling value!


If you're wondering whether we will install a new roof on top of the existing roof, our answer is yes, but only sometimes. We usually suggest completely removing the old roof so that we can locate damaged areas and repair them, instead of just covering up existing problems. Keep in mind that installing a new roof without removing the existing damaged roof may even decrease the lifespan of your new roof by as much as 50%.


At Professional Roofing Contractors, we have over 20 years of experience helping commercial property owners with their re-roofing projects, so we've got you covered! 

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