Green Roofing Solutions

turner touch up.jpgWe began our roofing business over 20 years ago installing highly reflective white membrane roofing that qualified as Energy Star!  We continue to offer our customers roofing solutions that focus on value in both roofing products and energy savings.  Selecting the right roofing product and the proper amount of insulation are the key to providing our customers with exceptional value.


We have also become involved in other popular Green Roofing Systems.  We have installed Vegetative Roofing using plants over our membrane roofing where environmentally concerned customers are considering roof gardens and savings in retention of water run-off.


Now we have the ultimate green solution, solar panels on our roof systems that harvest the sun’s energy and inverters that convert it to electrical energy!   We are installing Solar Roof Systems that will pay for the roof and solar system from the savings in our customers’ power bills during the life of the total system.  Call us so we can share this exciting opportunity to be green while experiencing a return on your investment!

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